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Have you ever wondered –

  • How can I build a website of my own?
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  • How can my content be friendly for search engines?
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Along with these questions, we are here to answer other questions for you as well to start your own business online. With our best online marketing methods, your website/blog won’t just be an incomplete business anymore.


My Story (About the Author)

My name is Taha Maknoo and I am the founder of DotHacks.

I didn’t start this website a long time ago, but I have been in the field of blogging for about 4 years now.

Right from the time when I learned that your content could be put on the internet and be seen by millions of people, I started dating this hobby.

After working with more than 50 people and a lot of freelancing activities later, I decided to step into this field myself, alone!

Freelancers all around the world aren’t given what they deserve. That is where I want to help and try making most of the people independent.

Right from starting a blog to make it one of the best, I would be helping you with everything!

Let’s go on this wonderful journey together!