Warriorplus review

Is WarriorPlus legit? (A detailed WarriorPlus Review)

With its growing fame and number of users, WarriorPlus is definitely something we need to talk about.

Just like every other affiliate network, WarriorPlus is also a network of affiliates that meant for both, advertisers and publishers.

However, the WarriorPlus marketplace has pretty much been torn to shreds with bad reviews as its credibility is questioned every now and then.  

Warriorplus reviews


So, is WarriorPlus legit or not? And if it is, why are there so many bad reviews about it?

Before we talk about the authenticity of WarriorPlus and if you should actually trust this affiliate network, let’s talk about some of the basics.


WarriorPlus and Affiliate Marketing

Just like almost every other affiliate network on the internet (like Shareasale or CJ Affiliate), WarriorPlus is also an affiliate network that supports the joint ventures between publishers and advertisers. 

Affiliate Marketing is a common method of generating revenue for bloggers and content creators across the internet, sometimes through old and new websites, and sometimes by other means.

To understand affiliate marketing in brief, here’s an example:

Suppose we have a person namely ‘James’ who is a blogger and has a good amount of daily, organic traffic on his blog. 

Now James would want to monetize this traffic in order to maximize his revenue because just maybe, ad-revenue isn’t that good (can’t deny).

So, James hops over to a network (WarriorPlus in this case) where an advertiser, namely ‘Felix’ offers him to promote his product on James’ website. The more James is able to refer people to Felix’s products and services, the more revenue would be deposited into James’s account.

Affiliate marketing, just like every other method of earning online, is a simple process where both the publisher and the advertiser get mutually benefited. 

Just by tracking the links or call tracking, the affiliates could be credited only by referring a customer to a merchant. 

So, how exactly is WarriorPlus different than other affiliate networks?

  • WarriorPlus specializes in digital products.
  • No quality control usually.
  • Instant commissions.
  • Not a lot of screening for promoting your products.


WarriorPlus: An Overview

Here’s a thought – Looking at the interface, WarriorPlus might not seem that attractive to you.

Just for starters, I wasn’t a big fan of some of the few things for sure. 

First of all, as soon as I signed up, I was bombarded with exactly 1774 notifications. That’s a lot!

Warrior plus

I started getting notifications that go back a year ago. The developers might want to fix that one. 

Second, I found a lot of fishy products out there. Most of the products featured here are of poor quality that ultimately ends up hurting the reputation of this very network.

That’s when I realized, WarriorPlus might claim to be an authentic affiliate network, but the number of spam profiles, fishy products, and other scammy deals just ends up ruining its credibility. Maybe it’s just because of the less scrutiny during the creation of an advertiser’s account!

Moving on, you can become both, an advertiser or a publisher, all from one sign up.

WarriorPlus was created in 2006. While at it, WarriorForum came into the picture that happens to be an enormous hub for internet marketers.

There are different kinds of topics and communities to help people out with their concerns. Just like Reddit, you can start conversations here, create ones, discuss topics and of course, seek out help for different topics. 

There’s a long list of forums that have millions of posts and threads within. And I am pretty sure your concerns would be addressed in these threads as well.


Back to warrior plus, there’s a major drawback that I realized exists.

Whenever you choose a product to market, there’s no history of the past products or sales about the seller. The seller’s picture and details might be mentioned, but there’s no sufficient information regarding the credibility and past experiences of the publishers with the advertisers. There’s not a review button, which in my opinion, could one of the primary reasons publishers fall for scams and spammy products here.

Another concern among the publishers is that if the product they are going to advertise would be relevant to their audience or not because the same isn’t mentioned on WarriorPlus.

I didn’t find this type of work environment in other affiliate networks like CJ Affiliate, because they actually have a lot of information about the brands they are offering to partner up with. 

Not only that, but there are reputed brands that are easy to collaborate with. 

You also can’t find any cost-per-lead in warriorplus, which makes it really difficult for publishers to pick the best affiliate networks.


How to make money with WarriorPlus?

You can get started with making money on warriorplus easily. There’s not a lot to do, but you have to be very careful in every step.

Let me tell you.

Making money on WarriorPlus could be done with the following 4 steps:


1. Choosing an interest

There are different categories of products available in the warriorplus marketplace that you can choose from.


Some of the popular categories available here are:

  • Marketing education
  • Entertainment
  • Industries
  • Software
  • Online platforms
  • Domains and websites

There are also different sub-categories within these categories so that you can find the specific interest you want to.


2. Building a website

A website is like a store where you can place the affiliate products and your readers could check out that product. It is more like a middle ground between a product and a consumer.

You can promote the products through different means as well, yet it isn’t usually considered appropriate.

It could also be through different mediums like blogs, yet most of the publishers usually prefer websites; because it’s easy and provides mutual benefits, both to the advertisers and the publisher.


3. Getting visitors

‘Most’ of the affiliate networks don’t actually care where your traffic is from. 

There’s only one driving factor – sales!

This means that even if your traffic is inorganic, whether you are using social media to get more visitors or any other method, you can still get paid. Your traffic could be organic as well, it doesn’t really matter!

However, I recommend you only start affiliate networking once you have a good amount of traffic. If you are still struggling with getting more visitors to your website, excessive ads or product sales might not just be the right options yet.


4. Earning Revenue

There are two ways to get paid on Warrior Plus – PayPal and Stripe.

After you fill out the necessary details before getting paid, you can usually get instant payments.

However, if the amount isn’t able to go through, it still remains in your WarriorPlus wallet that you can deduct any time you want.

Pretty easy, right?


Is WarriorPlus Legit?

Despite most of the negative reviews and one-star reviews you may find on the internet, WarriorPlus is legit!

WarriorPlus has been around for long and if it were a scam,  it would have been shut down a long time ago.

A common trustworthy element that I found here is that there’s a 30-day money-back guarantee for any kind of product that you buy on the platform. 

In case you don’t like a product that you have bought, you are eligible for a refund within a time period of 30 days. This counts for every product on WarriorPlus.

One thing worth noticing though is that the refund request that you place isn’t placed directly before WarriorPlus. Rather, it goes to the vendor, and he is the one who refunds your money.

And in case it isn’t possible to get in contact with the vendor, you can also contact the WarriorPlus support who would likely sort out all these issues for you.

Just like I said, WarriorPlus might claim to be an authentic affiliate network, but the number of spam profiles, fishy products, and other scammy deals just ends up ruining its credibility. 

WarriorPlus has its own pros and cons. Even though it is not a scam, you still have a lot of reasons to be careful before buying or promoting anything from WarriorPlus.


WarriorPlus – Pros and Cons

WarriorPlus is a real deal, actually! There are a lot of ‘good’ products that you can market and earn money off of them.

If you know how to market a product and have the right audience for it, you can easily earn a lot of money from WarriorPlus in a matter of days. 

You might want to apply some heavy filters before you get the right products because there are a lot of low-quality products that are nothing else but a money-grab. 

Promoting such products on your own network (or just a lot of affiliate products and links), like your website, not only harms the reputation of your brand, reduce your audience, but also blacklists you from search engines. 

Here’s what Google says about the use of excessive affiliate products on your site.

To keep your website SEO-friendly, On-page SEO would help, but you also might want to keep affiliate products limited rather than marketing them over and over, without even considering if they are legit or just some scam deals.

With that, here are some of the major pros and cons of WarriorPlus.


  • There are a lot of good products to market (You just have to find them).
  • You get instant payouts rather than waiting for completing thresholds.
  • It’s very easy to get started on WarriorPlus, both as an advertiser and as a publisher.
  • WarriorPlus offers extended support (usually) on refunds in case your vendor doesn’t.


  • There are more scam deals here than there are genuine products.
  • There’s no filter to stop fake products from being published on the site.
  • Some affiliate programs require prior affiliate sales to be approved.
  • There’s no dedicated support for advertising.
  • People usually face issues with refunds or vendors.



WarriorPlus isn’t a scam, not at all. It is just a platform that doesn’t know how to keep scammers at a bay and promote genuine products. 

There have been a lot of thoughts, reviews, and statements both in favor of WarriorPlus as well as against it, which eventually gives it a questionable reputation.

There are a lot of bad products and money-grab deals that might seem intimidating. But if you want a reputable website of your own that doesn’t have space for deals that cheat your consumers, I recommend you reconsider getting affiliate deals from WarriorPlus.

This doesn’t mean I totally don’t suggest using WarriorPlus. 

The whole point is to filter through hundreds of bad deals in order to find a good one. And if you feel you can do that, might as well give it a try!

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  1. Although I do whatever research i can before I buy a product I still am unable to discern if it is a good product. Unfortunately disappointed with the product or the support I have had to return 3 products this year.

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